About Trade Portal

Food Processing Industries (FPI) sector have been growing at an average annual growth rate of around 11.23% for the last five financial years ending 2019-20. The sector benefits from a relatively robust ecosystem and contributes significantly to India’s GDP.

The main objective of the Trade Portal is to connect buyers & sellers of processed food/ agri- commodities on the same platform so as to facilitate potential offline transactions between these parties. Such a platform between the buyer & the seller will help boost trade both within the domestic market and with the rest of the world.

Trade at a Glance Products

  • Easy gain to quality leads

  • Lowers procurement cost

  • Enhanced networking with the wider community (both internal & external)

  • Lower risk due to avoidance of fraudulent transactions

  • Greater transparency in potential offline transaction

  • Cost-effective marketing

  • An effective platform for brand building

  • Diversification of sales channel & modern retail

  • Wider audience & improved visibility

  • Gateway to product innovation