Why Invest in Tripura?


  • Tripura is a north-eastern state of India and is surrounded by Bangladesh on three sides. The economy of Tripura is predominantly agrarian.

  • Agriculture provides livelihood to almost 42% of its total population (Source: Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Govt. of Tripura).

  • In the absence of other major natural resources, development of the state economy, to a great extent, hinges on the development of agriculture and related activities.

  • The agriculture sector in the state has remained mostly confined to production, without much value addition in farm level.

  • The activities related to post harvest and food processing are in its very initial stages. The main drawback is being poor connectivity with the big markets (in larger urban centers) and the restricted movement of goods due to remoteness.

  • This affects the marketing of agricultural produce in general and perishable produce in particular. Lack of processing and associated storage facilities result in high wastages and distress selling by farmers during the peak production season.

  • Government of Tripura has identified food processing as a thrust area to accelerate growth in agriculture and it has realized that this can be achieved only through creating infrastructure for food processing and developing an efficient supply chain in the state. With the concerted efforts of both Central Government and State Government, it is expected to catalyze a robust agriculture based industry in the state.


Productivity level of Food Grain of Tripura


Food Grain - 27% more than all India level

00 KG/ha

Productivity of Rice


Rice - 22% more than all India levels

Current production levies with respect to food grains, horticulture products, livestock, fruits and vegetables etc. Key Products with recent production statistics that the state may like to highlight
  • Agriculture and allied activities has been remained as the backbone of the State's economy. About 52 per cent of total main workers are engaged in agriculture including 28 percent cultivators and 24 percent agricultural labourers. Small and marginal farmers constitute 96 percent of the total farmers in the state against all India figures of 78 percent. Availability of cultivable land is one of the main constraints in the state.

  • With the burgeoning population and growing food demand, there is hardly any scope of getting additional land for cultivation of food crops. At present there is a gap between actual production and requirement of food grains in the state. In addition to it, the productivity for cereals and pulses etc is also low as compared to the National Average. Favourable agro-climatic conditions like fertile soil, sub-tropical/tropical climate and abundant rainfall, etc. offer good scope for improvement of production of various fruits, vegetables, spices and plantation crops.

The Area, Production and Productivity of major commodities in Tripura during 2018-19 (Provisional) are tabulated below:

  • Area(HA) 2,77,106
  • Production(MT) 7,93,511
  • Area(HA) 200
  • Production(MT) 314
  • Area(HA) 14,696
  • Production(MT) 23,103
  • Area(HA) 24,327
  • Production(MT) 18,647
  • Area(HA) 10,231
  • Production(MT) 52,042
  • Area(HA) 9,628
  • Production(MT) 1,40,184
  • Area(HA) 4,780
  • Production(MT) 21,403
  • Area(HA) 5,482
  • Production(MT) 1,33,033
  • Area(HA) 10,590
  • Production(MT) 1,09,521
  • Area(HA) 931
  • Production(MT) 3,206
  • Area(HA) 4,972
  • Production(MT) 23,970
  • Area(HA) 2,829
  • Production(MT) 28,856
  • Area(HA) 4,607
  • Production(MT) 12,669
  • Area(HA) 6,731
  • Production(MT) 23,020
  • Area(HA) 656
  • Production(MT) 256

Major Players Present in the State

State Profile of Tripura

S. No. Project Name District Contact Details Investment Leverage (Rs. in Cr.) Direct Employment Granted Farmers Benefited Processing Capacity (LMT) PA Preservation Capacity (LMT) PA Status
1. Sikaria Mega Food Park Private Limited Sonipat
  • NAME : Heera Lal Aggarwal, Designation : Industrialist
    Mobile No : 9903046587,
    Phone No :
    Email Id : mukherjeegc[at]yahoo.co[dot]in

29.4000  50  268 0.0720 0.3040 Completed
S. No. District ODOP
1. Dhalai Multiple Fruit Processing
2. Gomti Multiple Fruit Processing
3. Khowai Rice based products (puffed rice, chira, snacks etc)
4. North Tripura Tea Products
5. Sipahijala Dairy based product
6. South Tripura Bakery products
7. Unakoti Multiple Fruit Processing
8. West Tripura Bakery products

State Policy & Fiscal Incentives

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Policy & Incentives Description
Name of Policy
  • Description Tripura Industrial Investment Promotion Incentives Scheme (2017)

Nodal Agency
  • Directorate of Industries and Commerce and/or TIDC

Single Window Clearance System
  • Single Window Clearance (https://environmentclearance.nic.in/Staterecord.aspx?State_Name=Tripura)

Power/Electricity Subsidy
  • The reimbursement of power charges shall be @ 25% of the power charges actually paid by the enterprise, subject to a maximum amount of Rs. 12 lakhs per annum per enterprise. Provided further that an enterprise shall not be allowed reimbursement for power charges if it is in default of payment of power charges or any other liabilities to TSECL.

  • Special Incentives to Industrial Enterprises continue to operate for 5 years.

    • Power subsidy shall be provided @ 15% of actual power charges paid by industrial enterprises after 5 years of operation. The incentive shall be for a further period of 5 years and subject to an annual upper ceiling of subsidy of Rs. 6 lakhs for enterprises with employment in the range of 20 to 50 persons, Rs. 9.00 lakhs with employment in the range of 51 to 10 persons and Rs. 12 lakhs with employment of more than 100 persons.

Capital Subsidy
  • All eligible enterprises will be entitled to an incentive at the rate of 30% of the fixed capital investment, subject to an aggregate ceiling of Rs. 60 lakhs in each enterprise. Enterprises belonging to the Thrust Sector Industries, as defined above, shall be entitled to receive incentive at the rate of 40% of the fixed capital investment with an overall ceiling of Rs. 70 lakhs per enterprise

  • Capital Investment Subsidy shall be provided to Tea Processing Units set up under the co-operative approach by small tea growers @ 50% of fixed capital investment subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 100 lakhs.

  • Special Incentives to Industrial Enterprises continue to operate for 5 years.

    • Enterprises which have gone in for substantial expansion after 5 years of their continuous operation shall be considered for subsidy on additional fixed capital investment at the applicable rates (Clause 7.1) of 40% or 30%, as the case may be, subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 30 lakhs for thrust sector industries and Rs. 25 lakhs for industries other than thrust sector. This is further subject to increase in the value of fixed capital investment of an industrial enterprise by not less than 25% for the purpose of expansion of capacity/ modernization/ diversification

Interest Subsidy
  • All eligible enterprises will be entitled to a reimbursement of interest paid to banks/financial institutions, at the rate of 4% on the working capital loans availed by them, for 5 years from the date of commencement of commercial production, provided that the enterprises have no interest liabilities overdue to the banks/ financial institutions; and subject further to a ceiling Rs.3,00,000 per year per enterprise.

  • The reimbursement of interest subsidy shall be further limited to the 4% of the 25% turnover of the enterprise in the reference year.

VAT/CST/SGST/TAX Exemption/Reimbursement
  • The subsidy shall be equal to the amount of Tripura Value Added Tax (VAT) (net of the input taxes), Central Sales Tax (CST), and any other commodity tax actually paid by the enterprise to the State Government and shall be subject to overall ceiling of Rs. 60 lakhs per enterprise per annum.
  • Special Incentives to Industrial Enterprises continue to operate for 5 years.

    • Industrial promotion subsidy (reimbursement of VAT and CST) shall be allowed @ 25% of Tripura Value Added Tax (net of input tax) and Central Sales Tax actually paid by the industrial enterprises after 5 years of their operation. The subsidy shall be provided for a further period of 5 years subject to the condition that the aggregate payment of subsidy to any industrial enterprise from the date of its commencement of production shall not exceed 100% of investment in plant and machinery.

Employment Generation
  • Employment cost subsidy shall be provided to the enterprises belonging to the thrust sector in the form of reimbursement of the contribution made towards Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) and Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Schemes for a period of 5 years. 100% reimbursement of expenditure to micro, small and medium enterprise shall be provided on account of contribution paid towards EPF and ESI Schemes subject to employment of 20 or more people skilled and semi-skilled workers who are domiciled of the State.

  • Special Incentives to Industrial Enterprises continue to operate for 5 years.

    • Employment cost subsidy in the form of re-imbursement of employer contribution towards payment of EPF and ESI to Regional Provident Fund Commissioner shall be provided @ 50 % of the payment made by MSME units with employment of 20 or more persons for a further period of 5 years. Employment cost subsidy shall be available to all MSME units after 5 years of operation irrespective of the category of industries (thrust or non-thrust sector).

    • Wages subsidy shall be provided to industrial enterprises @ 20% of the actual wages paid on employment of 20 or more persons by them after 5 years of operation. The subsidy shall be for the next 5 years period. The payment of wages subsidy is subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 2.50 lakhs per enterprise per annum.

Freight/Transport Subsidy
  • Not Applicable

  • Reimbursement of Standard Certification Fees / Charges.

    • All eligible enterprises will be allowed one-time full reimbursement of fees/ charges/ other expenses on account of obtaining a standard certification in certain specific areas from National and Inter-national Bodies. The areas are: 1) ISO-9000 Quality Management system 2) ISO-14000 Environmental Management system 3) ISO-18000 Occupational Health and Safety Standards 4) BIS certification 5) Green Energy Certificate 6) Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certificate 7) FSSAI License 8) AGMARK 9) Organic Products ( (related to Tea and Horticultural items/ products) 10) Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

  • Subsidy on fees paid for Credit Guarantee Trust Fund for Micro and Small Enterprise (CGTMSE).

    • 100% reimbursement for one time guarantee fee paid and the service fees paid every year by Micro and Small enterprises for CGTMSE coverage taken on loan granted by Banks/ NBFCs shall be provided for 5 years.

  • Export Promotion Subsidy (Thrust Sector only)

    • Industrial enterprises under thrust sector which export their manufactured goods to Bangladesh through the Land Custom Stations in the State shall be provided re-imbursement @ 10% of the value of goods exported subject to a ceiling of Rs. 20 lakhs per enterprise per annum. Re-imbursement of payment shall be made on the basis of records available with Central Customs authority.

  • Export Promotion Subsidy (Thrust Sector only)

    • Re-imbursement of a part of the travelling expenses and the transportation cost incurred to carry goods to participate in State and National levels trade/ industry fares and exhibitions held outside the State shall be provided to thrust sector. For participation of fares and exhibitions in Bangladesh, the benefit of re-imbursement shall be provided as well. Re-imbursement of expenditures on travelling charges paid for one person of the participating industrial enterprise and the transportation cost (to and- fro) of goods for display or sale @ 50% of the actual expenditures incurred and subject to an upper ceiling of Rs. 50000/- per enterprise for each participation. Re-imbursement of expenses shall be further subject to maximum participation in 2 fares and exhibitions in a year by an industrial enterprise.

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