Why Invest in Nagaland?


  • Nagaland is one of the eight States in the North-Eastern region of India and it harbours a population of approximately 2 million people residing in an area of 16,579 sq. km. with a density of population at 119 persons per sq.km.

  • It is one of the 25 hot spots of the world with respect to its biological diversity and is referred as a State with mega biodiversity. It also influences flora and fauna of the neighbouring regions. Geographically, Presence of perennial water and moisture for vegetation which includes the forests, horticultural plants and the Non-timber forest products (NTFPs).

  • The State being traditionally agrarian with the economy being dependent primarily on agriculture, an approximate of 70% people relies on agriculture for their livelihood. Despite being a resource rich State, the food processing industry in Nagaland is practically non-existent and would need to be vitalized in order to tap its full potentials.

  • The agri-horti sector in Nagaland offers potential for development of agro and food processing industries. Nature has endowed the State richly with adequate rainfall and fertile soil and in addition, salubrious climate combine to yield rich agri-horti produces. Moreover, in recent years, progressive farmers are learning to adopt mechanization along with value addition for their products and commercial agro enterprises are emerging.

Raw Material Available

Major Players Present in the State

  • M/s Doys Agri Resources Pvt. Ltd.

  • M/s Nagaland Integrated Cold Chain

  • M/s Cold Mountain

  • M/s Hilly Food Products

  • M/s Pristine Products

  • M/s Delicious Food Products

  • M/s Green Caravan

  • M/s Metro Meat

  • M/s Exodelicia Food Products

  • M/s Kuda Cold Storage

  • M/s Fruitail

  • M/s Super Bakery Products

  • M/s Veg Pasta and Noodle Products

  • M/s Kitchen Oil Products

  • M/s Organic Soya Products

  • M/s Zatara Pvt. Ltd

  • M/s Myki

  • M/s Flavours of Nagaland

  • M/s Saucy Joe’s

  • M/s Tsuipu

  • M/s Nagaland Bee-keeping and Honey Mission

  • M/s Naga Herbal & Spices

  • M/s Techinutsu

  • M/s Esa Frozen Foods

  • M/s Popular Bakery

  • M/s TJ Foods

State Profile of Nagaland

District Name Company Name Status Contact Details Investment Leverage (Rs. in Cr.) Direct Employement Granted (in Nos.) Farmers Benefited (in Nos.) Processing Capacity (LMT) PA Preservation Capacity (LMT) PA
DIMAPUR *M/s Doys Agri Resources Pvt. Ltd Ongoing Mr. Dosheshe Sema
Email: doysagri[at]gmail[dot]com
Mobile: 9774019196
21.7900 NA NA 0.1900 0.2600
District Name Company Name Status Contact Details Investment Leverage (Rs. in Cr.) Direct Employement Granted (in Nos.) Farmers Benefited (in Nos.) Processing Capacity (LMT) PA Preservation Capacity (LMT) PA
Record not available.
District Name Company Name Status Contact Details Investment Leverage (Rs. in Cr.) Direct Employement Granted (in Nos.) Farmers Benefited (in Nos.) Processing Capacity (LMT) PA Preservation Capacity (LMT) PA
DIMAPUR Nagaland integrated cold chain Completed Towokali D Yeptho
Email: mins_power[at]yahoo[dot]com
Mobile: 9774019196
13.3400 100 9552 0.3200 0.0300
DIMAPUR *T.j foods cold chain Ongoing T.J FOODS COLD CHAIN
Mobile: 7085422071
7.3000 NA NA 0.0700 0.0000
DIMAPUR *Mountain fruits and vegetables Ongoing Mountain Fruits and Vegetables
Email: mountainfruits2021[at]gmail[dot]com
Mobile: 7005716658
5.8100 NA NA 0.1100 0.0300
Warehouse Name Name and Address Mobile Capacity (MT)
Central Warehousing Corporation Central Warehouse Dimapur,Dimapur, , Distt-Dimapur 9555784075 13000
S. No. District Revised ODOP
1. Dimapur Pineapple products
2. Kiphire Kholar (Rajma) products
3. Kohima Pickle products
4. Longleng Ginger products
5. Mokokchung Coffee products
6. Mon Large cardamom products
7. Peren Naga King chilly products
8. Phek Kiwi products
9. Tuensang Kholar (Rajma) products
10. Wokha Fish products
11. Zunheboto Soya bean products

State Policy & Fiscal Incentives

Policy & Incentives Description
Name of Policy
  • State Industrial Policy-2000 (Revised-2004)

Nodal Agency
  • The Ministry of Food Processing Industries (MOFPI)

Single Window Clearance System
  • Not available

Power/Electricity Subsidy
  • Subsidy on power will be provided at the rate of 30% and 25% for connected loads up to 1 MW and above 1 MW respectively for a period of five years from the date of commercial production subject to a maximum ceiling limit of ` 2.00 lakh annually. This will be a reimbursement scheme on actual consumption of power for manufacturing process substantiated with requisite details.

  • Drawal of Power Line: Cost of drawal of 33/11 KV line to eligible units located outside the notified areas shall be reimbursed for one time only subject to a ceiling of `2:00 lakh (now as per NEIIPP-2007, anywhere in the State)

Capital Subsidy
  • Not available

Interest Subsidy
  • Not available

VAT/CST/SGST/TAX Exemption/Reimbursement

    Stamp Duty Exemption

  • 50% Stamp Duty and Registration Fee for securing loans from Financial Institutions including Mortgage of fixed assets shall be exempted from the Stamp Duty Act for a period of 5 (five) years

Employment Generation

    Manpower Subsidy

  • Government will reimburse upto 25% of the actual wage bill for local tribal employees employed by eligible units upto three years from the date of entertainment subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.1.00 lakh annually. This grant would be for a period of five years from the date of entertainment of such staff and would be given to those units where the investment in plant & machinery exceeds Rs.10.00 lakh and the number of employees engaged in the unit exceeds 20 (twenty) numbers and where the at least 50% of the employees are local tribal youth. Units availing subsidy under this scheme shall take all effective steps to ensure 75% employment of local youth over a period of five years. This subsidy will be admissible on reimbursement basis for only those employees who complete one year of regular employment in the unit.

Freight/Transport Subsidy
  • Not available


    Subsidy for Feasibility Study Cost

  • Subsidy will be available at the rate of 50% of the cost of Detailed Reports subject to a ceiling of Rs.1.00 lakh, which shall be eligible only for new units with investment in plant & machinery above Rs.25 lakh provided the report is prepared by a Government approved Industrial Consultants.

  • Subsidy Incentives for 100% Export Oriented Units (EOU)

  • An additional 5% capital investment subsidy subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.3.00 lakh.

  • Subsidy for Quality Control measures

  • Cost of laboratory equipment for the purpose of quality control and ISI/BIS/ISO 9000 certification will be reimbursed subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs.50,000/- in cases where it does not form part of the project cost for SSI and Rs.1.00 lakh in case of Large & Medium unit.

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