Why Invest in Meghalaya?


  • Meghalaya is a north eastern state with scenic landscapes and borders with Assam and Bangladesh
  • It is a biodiversity hotspot with three agro climatic zones and the highest rainfall receiving state in the nation
  • All Food Processing Industries including local Breweries/Distilleries will be eligible for all incentives at all sources of taxation on its own brand/products
  • Meghalaya is a major producer of strawberries, and also produces turmeric of the best quality: the Lakadong turmeric which is world renowned

Raw Material Available

State Profile of Meghalaya

S. No. Project Name District Contact Details Investment Leverage (Rs. in Cr.) Direct Employment Granted Farmers Benefited Processing Capacity (LMT) PA Preservation Capacity (LMT) PA Status
1. Mega Agro Park RI BHOI
  • NAME : Mrs. Assunta Mary Warshong,

0.0000  0  0 0.0000 0.0000 Ongoing
S. No. District ODOP
1. East Khasi Hills Sohiong
2. South West Khasi Hills Honey
3. Ri-Bhoi Pineapple
4. East Jantia Hills Turmeric
5. West Jantia Hills Turmeric
6. North Garo Hills Banana
7. East Garo Hills Pineapple
8. South Garo Hills Jackfruit
9. Southwest Garo Hills Pineapple
10. West Khasi Hills Ginger
11. West Garo Hills Cashewnut Products

State Policy & Fiscal Incentives

Policy & Incentives Description
Name of Policy
  • Not available

Nodal Agency
  • Not available

Single Window Clearance System
  • Not available

Power/Electricity Subsidy
  • Not available

Capital Subsidy
  • Not available

VAT/CST/SGST/TAX Exemption/Reimbursement
  • Not available

VAT/CST/SGST/TAX Exemption/Reimbursement
  • Not available

Employment Generation
  • Not available

Freight/Transport Subsidy
  • Not available

  • Not available

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