00 USD Bn

Market Value
in 2020

00 %

Expected Rate
of growth in 2019-2024 period

00 USD Mn

Total Revenue
through exports in 2018

00 %

India's Share
in the global Nutraceuticals Market

Key Statistics for Nutraceuticals

Potential Investment Areas

The herbal segment is likely to contribute 30 per cent of the nutraceuticals supplements market in India, expected to grow CAGR of ~20 per cent from 2015 to 2023

There is a shift from curative to preventive care in the Indian market. With immunity taking centre stage due to the onset of the pandemic, consumers are relying more on functional foods

Vitamins like plant protein, vegan Omega-3, sea minerals like calcium, magnesium, fibres like fenugreek, probiotics, black garlic, amino acids have become essential to people’s lifestyle and accessibility of nutraceuticals has significantly improved in all geographies of India, resulting in a significant growth through B2C and D2C channels

Production Volume for Major Nutraceuticals

Value Chain for Nutraceuticals



  • Herbs

  • Roots

  • Medicinal plants


  • Farmers

  • Traders

  • Processors


  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Wellness industry


  • Pharmacies

  • Hypermarkets

  • Supermarket


  • Urban

  • Rural

Key Stakeholders

Key Investors

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