Fisheries & Marine Sector

00 nd

producer of fish in the world & 4th largest sea food exporter

00 nd

aquaculture producer in the world

00 %

Global Share
of fish production has grown


Key Statistics for Fisheries & Marine Sector

Indicative Opportunity in Fisheries & Marine Sector

Technology & Equipment Suppliers Processing Players
  • Upgradation and capacity expansion for cold chain.

  • Innovations in packaging for increased shelf life and product differentiation.

  • Infrastructure development for fishing harbours/landing centers/wholesale markets as per international standards.

  • Value addition and product development, especially RTE/RTC products for the domestic as well as export market

  • Potential to process value added products with Indian taste like fish/shrimp pickle, fish/shrimp curry, skewers, marinated fish with Indian spices etc.

Value Chain for Fisheries & Marine Sector


  • Fish Seed

  • Fish Feed


  • Natural water bodies (ocean, lakes, rivers)

  • Aquaculture

  • Pisciculture

Primary Processing

  • Cutting

  • Sorting

  • Grading

  • Packaging


  • Warehouses

  • Cold Storage

  • Warehouses

  • Middleman


  • Retail Shops

  • Food Services

  • Export

Key Investors

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