Why India for Poultry Processing?

  • India has the world's largest population of livestock
  • India produces around 7.4 MT of meat and around 83 bn eggs annually
  • The current processing levels for poultry stand at 6%, while for meat it is 21%
  • In India, poultry is a highly vertically integrated industry and matches the efficiency levels of several Western countries

Major States

(Production in 000'MT)

State-Wise Production


  • India exported poultry products worth around USD 4.1 Bn in 2016-17 of which the major export items were buffalo meat, sheep/goat meat
  • Major export destinations include Vietnam, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia


Equipment & Technology Suppliers

  • New technology in meat & poultry processing
  • Modern abattoirs
  • •Cold chain
  • New veterinary technology/services
  • Food testing labs

Poultry Sector Players

  • New products-value added products such as frozen/chilled products, RTC/RTE, Indian ethnic products/snacks
  • Egg powder plants
  • New feed formulations and manufacturing
  • Hatcheries

Major Investors

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