Food Grains

Why India for Food Grains?

  • India is the second largest producer of food grains globally
  • India houses numerous varieties of cereals and pulses that are largely consumed domestically. However, especially rice like basmati have made a mark in the global markets as well.
  • As per 3 rd  Advance Estimates, the estimated production of major crops during 2016-17 is as under:
    • Food grains  –  273.38 million tonnes
    • Rice  –  109.15  million tonnes
    • Wheat – 97.44 million tonnes
    • Coarse Cereals  –  44.39 million tonnes
    • Maize  –  26.14 million tonnes
    • Pulses  –  22.40 million tonnes
  • India witnesses nearly 5% wastage in cereals majorly due to lack of storage infrastructure and primitive grain handling mechanism. To reduce this wastage level and fulfill the increasing demand for grains and its processed forms, India needs adequate infrastructure, processing facility and research & development in this area.

Major States

(Production in 000'MT)

State-Wise Production


  • India is not only one of the key producers but also a major exporter of cereals globally. India's export of cereals stood at USD 6,074 mn MT during the year 2016-17.
  • Rice (including Basmati and Non Basmati) occupy the major share in India's total cereals export with 93.60% share
  • Other cereals including wheat represent only 6% share in total cereals exported from India.
  • The huge demand for cereals in the global market is creating an excellent environment for the export of Indian cereal products
  • The key importers of India's basmati rice include Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Iraq, Kuwait and USA.


  • Processing of cereals to High value products like snacks, ready to cook/ ready to eat products, bakery products
  • Share of healthy variants of cereals based products such as multi grain flour, brown bread, brown rice, multigrain bread, whole wheat bread are witnessing significant growth.
  • Super cereals or millets are witnessing a huge demand domestically and in global markets due to the health benefits that they offer
  • Opportunity for millet based value added products

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