Why India for Dairy Processing?

  • With output of around 163.7 million MT, India is the largest producer of milk globally
  • India's milk production is expected to reach 180 million MT by 2020, from the current 163.7 million MT, while NDDB has projected demand to touch 200 million MT
  • The Indian dairy market is amongst the largest and fastest growing markets in the world
  • India has attained the top position in milk production globally, owing to a huge bovine population. However, the full potential of Indian milch herd still remains unattained
  • Per capita availability of milk in India has reached 352 grams per day

Major States

(Production in Mn MT)

State-Wise Production


  • India's dairy products exports is around USD 0.3 Bn in 2016-17, included products such as skimmed milk powder, casein milk, cream, etc.
  • Major destinations for India's dairy exports are UAE, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan and Nepal


Technology & Equipment Suppliers

  • New technology in value added dairy products' processing
  • Cold chain
  • Innovation in packaging solutions
  • New product development for cattle feed
  • New veterinary care technology & cattle diagnostics services

Dairy Processing Players

  • New product development in value added dairy products viz. cheese, smoothies, flavored milk, custard, yoghurt and other ethnic Indian products

Major Investors

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